Sound of a woman


Have they ever criticised your writing to a point where you run out of words? Have they devalued the kind of education you acquired? Have they dissed the ordeal or violence happened to you years ago? Did you ask yourself if they are human enough to understand the pain they inflicting on you? I have, and realized a few things.

Maybe it was not your writing that made them uncomfortable. Maybe it was your unique voice that caused their negative reaction towards you. They don’t have misophonia. They just hate a woman’s voice. They detest the sound of violence against women and girl children.

Your voice triggers the loud cries of many women they have inflicted pain upon. Your voice is a mirror of what they did in the past. Your voice disgusts, distresses and pauses them on panic mode. Remember it is not about your truth, it is about them. Their responses to your truth is not your responsibility.

A black woman’s voice spurs a lot of stuff society hid under the carpet. No person is ready to listen to that voice. It makes so many people shiver and scared. Even cold-blooded animals fear that sound. It is a sound of truth.

Sound of black woman’s voice births new meanings to new societies. It swims in the darkest and dangerous places; yet it evokes fear to so many people. Tremors of that sound travels through the mountains, hurricanes and floods to the pained ears. It is a voice of uncomfortable truths. A voice of change. A voice of people. A voice of unity. A voice of oneness.

If you hate that voice, you hate a woman and you hate change.

It is a voice of difference and impact.

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